In keeping with its mission of supporting and advancing Christian scholarship, CSR publishes book reviews with a twofold purpose: first, to direct the attention of Christian scholars to new books that appear significant or useful to the specifically Christian dimensions of their calling, and secondly, to engage such books in critical interaction. The Book Review Editor will select books to be reviewed according to the following criteria.


1. Books reviewed in CSR will generally do one or more of the following (listed in an approximate order of priority):

    (a) examine or engage from a Christian perspective one or more of the academic disciplines, or a significant aspect of one or more disciplines;

    (b) address the theory or practice of Christian scholarship or of Christian higher education, or have important ramifications for these endeavors;

    (c) promote or challenge Christian self-understanding by applying the methods or perspective of one or more academic disciplines to a significant aspect of Christian belief, practice, or history;

    (d) examine from a Christian perspective a particular problem, issue, or phenomenon within the domain of study of one or several of the academic disciplines;

    (e) apply the insights or methods of one or more academic disciplines to illuminate a particular issue, question, or challenge posed for Christian thought or action.

2. Books characterized neither by a Christian perspective nor specifically Christian subject matter may be reviewed if, but only if, they are either exceptionally helpful or exceptionally challenging for Christian thinking.


3. Special consideration or preference will be accorded to books which satisfy, in addition to the criteria listed above, one or more of the following:

    (a) is interdisciplinary in character of of broad interdisciplinary interest and relevance;

    (b) promises to be a significant turning point or to make a major impact in one or more disciplines;

    (c) issues from one of CSR's sponsoring institutions;

    (d) represents exceptional quality of scholarship, thought, or writing.

The criteria in this section supplement those in (1) and (2), and will not by themselves suffice, either individually or collectively, to qualify a book for review in CSR.


4. The Book Review Editor will strive for appropriate balances in the book review section with respect to such matters as: subject matter and disciplinary representation of books reviewed; representation and reflection of ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity, both in books reviewed and among reviewers; institutional and disciplinary affiliations of reviewers; publishers of books reviewed. Important as they are, however, such considerations of balance will supplement but not supplant criteria (1) and (2). A book that does not meet the latter criteria will not be reviewed simply in the interest of some otherwise desirable balance.


5. The book review section, like the articles in CSR, will generally reflect the predominantly evangelical and Protestant orientation of most of CSR's sponsoring institutions. Books reviewed, however, may represent a wide range of Christian perspectives, and sometimes none.


Endorsed by the CSR Board, April 22, 1995