Christian Scholar's Review
Volume XLVI, Number 4 (Summer 2017)



  • Stephen V. Monsma - What is an Evangelical? And Does It Matter? [Abstract]
  • Judith Anderson - Doers of the Word: Shakespeare, Macbeth, and the Epistle of James [Abstract]
  • Michael Kugler - The Faun Beneath the Lamppost: When Christian Scholars Talk About the Enlightenment [Abstract]



  • Brandon M. Hoover - The Limited Campus Garden: A Response to “Putting Down Roots: Why Universities Need Gardens” [Abstract]
  • Jack R. Baker and Jeffrey Bilbro - Response to Brandon M. Hoover [Abstract]



  • Jeremy Scott Case - Mathematics without Apologies—An Extended Review [Abstract]
  • Stephen Westich - Modern Art and the Life of a Culture and The Forge of Vision—An Extended Review [Abstract]



  • Douglas Jacobsen, Global Gospel: An Introduction to Christianity on Five Continents
  • Reviewed by Sarita D. Gallagher, Missiology, George Fox University

  • Sebastian Kim, Theology in the Public Sphere: Public Theology as a Catalyst for Open Debate
  • Reviewed by David Thang Moe, Asbury Theological Seminary

  • Robin Lane Fox, Augustine: Conversions to Confessions
  • Reviewed by Dustin D. Benac, Doctor of Theology student, Duke Divinity School

  • Owen Strachan, Awakening the Evangelical Mind: An Intellectual History of the Neo-Evangelical Movement
  • Reviewed by Bryan Lamkin, History and Political Science, Azusa Pacific University

  • Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Biblical Authority after Babel: Retrieving the Protestant Solas in the Spirit of Mere Protestant Christianity
  • Reviewed by Andrew D. Kinsey, Grace United Methodist Church, Franklin, Indiana
  • Alister McGrath, The Big Question: Why We Can’t Stop Talking about Science, Faith and God
  • Reviewed by Harry Lee Poe, Theology and Missions, Union University

  • Josh Reeves and Steve Donaldson, A Little Book for New Scientists: Why and How to Study Science
  • Reviewed by Clayton D. Carlson, Biology, Trinity Christian College
  • Carol Hill, Gregg Davidson, Tim Helble, and Wayne Ranney, The Grand Canyon: Monument to an Ancient Earth
  • Reviewed by Roy Clouser, Prof. Emeritus, Philosophy and Religion, The College of New Jersey

  • Norman Wirzba, From Nature to Creation: A Christian Vision for Understanding and Loving Our World
  • Reviewed by James R. Skillen, Geology, Geography, and Environmental Studies, Calvin College
  • Yudha Thianto, The Way to Heaven: Catechisms and Sermons in the Establishment of the Dutch Reformed Church in the East Indies
  • Reviewed by Su Fang Ng, English, University of Oklahoma