Christian Scholar's Review
Volume XLV, Number 3 (Spring 2016)


  • Justin Bailey - The Body in Cyberspace: Lanier, Merleau-Ponty, and the Norms of Embodiment [Abstract]
  • Jeffrey Vogel - A Self-effacing Gardener: The Unity of God’s Activity in Nature and Grace in the Theology of Austin Farrer [Abstract]
  • Benjamin D. Wayman - Julian against Christian Educators: Julian and Basil on a Proper Education [Abstract]


  • Kevin Ryan - The Road to Character—An Extended Review [Abstract]


  • Jordan J. Ballor - Affluence Agonistes—A Review Essay [Abstract]


  • Christian Smith, The Sacred Project of American Sociology
  • Reviewed by P. C. Kemeny, Biblical and Religious Studies, Grove City College

  • Harold Heie, Evangelicals on Public Policy Issues: Sustaining a Respectful Political Conversation
  • Reviewed by Darren Patrick Guerra, Political Science, Biola University

  • C. Stephen Evans, Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense: A Response to Contemporary Challenges (Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology)
  • Reviewed by Matthew W. Manry, Biblical Studies, Belhaven University

  • Joy Davidman, A Naked Tree: Love Sonnets to C. S. Lewis and Other Poems
  • Reviewed by Marion H. Larson, English, Bethel University

  • Kevin Madigan, Medieval Christianity: A New History
  • Reviewed by James Halverson, History, Judson University
  • Miguel De La Torre, The Politics of Jesús: A Hispanic Political Theology
  • Reviewed by João Chaves, Religion, Baylor University and Baptist University of the Américas
  • Ani Sarkissian, The Varieties of Religious Repression: Why Governments Restrict Religion
  • Reviewed by Chan Woong Shin, Social Sciences, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Lloyd Steffen and Dennis R. Cooley, The Ethics of Death: Religious and Philosophical Perspectives in Dialogue
  • Reviewed by Dale Goldsmith, Retired as Vice President for Academic Affairs, Oklahoma Panhandle State University