Christian Scholar's Review
Volume XLIII, Number 4 (Summer 2014)


  • Thomas Knecht and Emily Ecklund - Gender Differences at Christian and Secular Colleges [Article]
  • Steven McMullen - Radical Orthodox Economics [Abstract]


  • James Evinger and Rich Darr - Determining the Truth of Abuse in Mission Communities: A Rejoinder
    and New Agenda

  • Robert J. Priest and Esther Cordill - Response to Evinger and Darr’s “Determining the Truth of Abuse
    in Mission Communities”


  • Trisha Posey - Crossing Boundaries: Christian Higher Education in Africa—A Review Essay [Abstract]

  • John Lunn - Money: The Unauthorized Biography—An Extended Review [Abstract]


  • David Bentley Hart, The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss
  • Reviewed by Bryan C. Hollon, Theology, Malone University

  • Nick Watson and Andrew Parker, eds., Sports and Christianity: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
  • Reviewed by Brian R. Bolt, Kinesiology, Calvin College

  • Robert Tracy McKenzie, The First Thanksgiving: What the Real Story Tells Us about Loving God and Learning from History
  • Reviewed by Richard W. Pointer, History, Westmont College

  • Nicholas Wolterstorff, The Mighty and the Almighty: An Essay in Political Theology
  • Reviewed by Alexander Jech, Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Robbie F. Castleman, Story-Shaped Worship: Following Patterns from the Bible and History
  • Reviewed by Andrew M. McCoy, Center for Ministry Studies, Hope College

  • Francis Spufford, Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity Can Still Make Surprising Emotional Sense
  • Reviewed by Louis Markos, English, and Robert H. Ray, Humanities, Houston
    Baptist University
  • C. Stephen Evans, Natural Signs and Knowledge of God
  • Reviewed by John Culp, Philosophy, Azusa Pacific University
  • Os Guinness, The Global Public Square: Religious Freedom and the Making of a World Safe for Diversity
  • Reviewed by Nicholas Kerton-Johnson, Political Science and International Relations,
    Taylor University