Christian Scholar's Review
Volume XLIII, Number 3 (Spring 2014)


  • William F. Cox, Jr. - Inconclusive Teacher Impact Research: A Biblical Interpretation [Abstract]


  • David Crump - Confessional Mirages and Delusions [Abstract]


  • R. Gary Chiang and Evelyn M. White - A Theologically Based Biological Challenge to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary [Abstract]

  • Jack Mulder, Jr. - A Response to Chiang and White on the Immaculate Conception [Abstract]


  • Jeffrey P. Bouman - Who is My Neighbor? Musings on Christian Higher Education and the “Solidarity of the Vulnerable”—A Review Essay [Abstract]

  • Todd C. Ream - Reviving Sophia: The Search for Transcendent Wisdom— A Review Essay [Abstract]


  • Christina Bieber Lake, Prophets of the Posthuman: American Fiction, Biotechnology, and the Ethics of Personhood
  • Reviewed by Jessica Hooten Wilson, English, John Brown University

  • J. M. F. Heath, Paul’s Visual Piety: The Metamorphosis of the Beholder
  • Reviewed by Gregory S. MaGee, Biblical Studies, Taylor University

  • Heather Walton, ed., Literature and Theology: New Interdisciplinary Spaces
  • Reviewed by Rachel Pietka, English, Baylor University

  • Nicole Baker Fulgham, Educating All God’s Children: What Christians Can—and Should—Do to Improve Public Education for Low-Income Kids
  • Reviewed by Jillian Lederhouse, Education, Wheaton College

  • Elesha J. Coffman, The Christian Century and the Rise of the Protestant Mainline
  • Reviewed by Philip D. Byers, Graduate Student in History, Washington University in St. Louis

  • James D. Bratt, Abraham Kuyper: Modern Calvinist, Christian Democrat
  • Reviewed by Jonathan Huggins, Chaplain, Berry College; Research Associate, Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology, Stellenbosch University
  • Joshua Hordern, Political Affections: Civic Participation and Moral Theology
  • Reviewed by Stephen M. King, Political Science, Taylor University, and Michelle L. King, Student, John Wesley Honors College, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Catherine A. Brekus, Sarah Osborn’s World: The Rise of Evangelical Christianity in Early America
  • Reviewed by Carol Sue Humphrey, History, Oklahoma Baptist University