Christian Scholar's Review
Volume XLI, Number 4 (Summer 2012)


  • David C. Cramer - Recovering the Christian Practice of Dying: A Response to Stanley Hauerwas' "Finite Care in a
    World of Infinite Need
    " [Abstract]

  • Roger E. Olson - Pietism and Postmodernism: Points of Congeniality [Abstract]

  • Robert J. Priest and Esther E. Cordill - Christian Communities and "Recovered Memories" of Abuse [Abstract]


  • David B. Klanderman and Sharon K. Robbert - Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith and A Certain Ambiguity— A Review Essay [Abstract]


  • Matthew Lundin - The Unintended Reformation—A Review Essay [Abstract]

  • Brad S. Gregory - Response to Matthew Lundin's Review of The Unintended Reformation: How a Religious Revolution Secularized Society [Abstract]


  • T. J. Gorringe, Earthly Visions: Theology and the Challenges of Art
  • Reviewed by Katie Kresser, Department of Art, Seattle Pacific University

  • William T. Cavanaugh, Migrations of the Holy: God, State, and the Political Meaning of the Church
  • Review by Jeanne Schindler, Humanities, Villanova University

  • Douglas Groothuis, Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith
  • Reviewed by Tawa J. Anderson, Philosophy, Oklahoma Baptist University

  • Lauren F. Winner, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis
  • Reviewed by Jessica L. Rimmer, Student Life, Mid-America Christian University

  • Randall J. Stephens and Karl W. Giberson, The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age
  • Reviewed by Jeffry C. Davis, English, Interdisciplinary Studies, Wheaton College

  • Philip W. Eaton, Engaging the Culture, Changing the World: The Christian University in a
    Post-Christian World

  • Reviewed by David M. Johnstone, Student Life, George Fox University
  • Ronald Cole-Turner, editor, Transhumanism and Transcendence: Christian Hope in an Age of
    Technological Enhancement

  • Reviewed by Kyle Hubbard, Independent Scholar
  • Thomas S. Kidd, Patrick Henry: First Among Patriots
  • Reviewed by Robert Tracy McKenzie, History, Wheaton College
  • Thomas Albert Howard, God and the Atlantic: America, Europe, and the Religious Divide
  • Reviewed by Kendra Weddle Irons, Texas Wesleyan University
  • Frederick Houk Borsch, Keeping Faith and Princeton: A Brief History of Religious Pluralism
    at Princeton and Other Universities

  • Reviewed by Todd C. Ream, John Wesley Honors College, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Timothy George, Reading Scripture with the Reformers
  • Reviewed by Aaron Hebberd, Theology and the Arts, Imago Dei College, Community
    Christian College