Christian Scholar's Review
Volume XLI, Number 3 (Spring 2012)


  • David W. Aiken - Bernard Lonergan's Critique of Reductionism: A Call to Intellectual Conversion [Abstract]

  • Richard J. Mouw - The Imago Dei and Philosophical Anthropology [Abstract]

  • Yvonne S. Smith, Sharon G. Johnson, and Erik M. Hiller - The God of the Games: Towards a Theology of Competition [Abstract]


  • Tom Lehman - Reflection on Gillis Harp's "Reconsidering the Liberal Captivity of American Evangelicalism" [Abstract]

  • Gillis Harp - Response to Tom Lehman [Abstract]


  • Stanton L. Jones - The End of Sexual Identity: Why Sex Is Too Important to Define Who We Are—A Review Essay [Abstract]

  • Jenell Paris - Response to Stanton Jones' Review of The End of Sexual Identity [Abstract]


  • Dale Goldsmith - From Surviving to Thriving: Five 2011 Survival Manuals for Christians in College—A Review Essay [Abstract]


  • David Lyle Jeffrey and Gregory Maillet, Christianity and Literature: Philosophical Foundations and Critical Practice
  • Reviewed by Mark Eaton, English, Azusa Pacific University

  • Christian Scharen and Aana Marie Vigen (eds), Ethnography as Christian Theology and Ethics
  • Reviewed by Brian M. Howell, Sociology and Anthropology, Wheaton College

  • Eric Metaxas, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
  • Reviewed by Richard E. Burnett, Systematic Theology, Erskine Theological Seminary

  • Elmer John Thiessen, The Ethics of Evangelism: A Philosophical Defense of Proselytizing and Persuasion
  • Reviewed by Wilbert R. Shenk, Fuller Theological Seminary

  • Warren A. Nord, Does God Make a Difference? Taking Religion Seriously in Our Schools and Universities
  • Reviewed by William Jeynes, Education, California State University

  • Susan VanZanten, Joining the Mission: A Guide for (Mainly) New College Faculty
  • Reviewed by David Wright, Provost, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Jason Springs, Toward a Generous Orthodoxy: Prospects for Hans Frei's Postliberal Theology
  • Reviewed by Jacob L. Goodson, Religious Ethics, College of William & Mary
  • George C. Rable, God's Almost Chosen Peoples: A Religious History of the American Civil War
  • Reviewed by Matthew Hill, History, Gordon College