Announcement of 2015 Theme Issue and Call for Papers: The Nuclear Age at 70: New Global Issues and Enduring Concerns


The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki changed human history in decisive ways, initiating the nuclear age in 1945.  The legacy of those events is still felt and contested today. Furthermore, the current and future status of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons continues to generate controversy. How do Christians engage the ongoing effects of the atomic bombings, concerns over nuclear energy and nuclear proliferation, or efforts to abolish nuclear weapons? What type of cultural reflection or artistic creation emerges in response to nuclear events? How are societies or human beings affected? Seventy years later, what can Christian academic reflection add to discussions of the nuclear age? We believe the time is ripe to explore these questions.


As a result, proposed manuscripts that address one or more of the following themes (but not limited to these) would be welcome:

  • theological reflections on the bomb, the place of God in a nuclear world, the responsibility of the church in relation to nuclear weapons, the role of peacemaking in a world with nuclear weapons;
  • the case for and against nuclear weapons abolition;
  • ethical reflections from just war or pacifist perspectives on the use of nuclear weapons or the morality of strategies of nuclear deterrence;
  • historical perspectives on memory and the bomb or historical re-interpretations of nuclear war, nuclear weapons strategy, or nuclear power-related events;
  • scientific points of view on the human and ecological consequences of the use of nuclear technology and the promises/drawbacks of the use of nuclear power;
  • international political views of a global nuclear age: perspectives on nuclear weapons in a post-Cold War world, nuclear proliferation, or threats of nuclear terrorism;
  • geopolitical or economic perspectives on shifting power dynamics in Asia amid the nuclear age;
  • artistic and literary representations of the nuclear age (and of a post-nuclear age?).


Submitted manuscripts should engage such questions in a manner aligned with the mission of Christian Scholar’s Review, and address matters of concern to a Christian academic community.

This special theme issue will be guest edited by Richard Pointer (Westmont College,, Michael Van Dyke (Cornerstone University,, Scott Waalkes (Malone University, and Mark Yuly (Houghton College,  If you have questions about the appropriateness of manuscript topics, please contact any of the guest editors via e-mail.

Final manuscripts should be submitted via email to the lead guest editor at The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2014.