Kent D. Miller - Organizing with the Spirit

Secular norms of managerial rationality disregard God’s involvement in organizations. If
we acknowledge that God is present and active in social organizing, how do our understandings
and practices of entrepreneurship and management change? Such a perspective
reconceives organizing as collaborating with the Spirit of God. This article describes the
Spirit’s role in organizing social systems by drawing from Christian pneumatology (theology
of the Spirit). Three interrelated facets characterize the Spirit’s work: (1) divine-human and
social relationality, (2) strategies linked to God’s ongoing mission, and (3) illumination for
practical guidance. The Spirit’s multifaceted role in organizing motivates attentiveness to the
Spirit and managerial practices expressing charismatic spirituality. This spirituality focuses
on an experiential relationship with the Spirit, rather than management principles—either
secular or biblical. Kent D. Miller is Professor of Management at Michigan State University.


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