Established in 1970, Christian Scholar’s Review is a medium for communication among Christians who have been called to an academic vocation. Its primary objective is the publication of peer-reviewed scholarship and research, within and across the disciplines, that advances the integration of faith and learning and contributes to a broader and more unified understanding of the nature of creation, culture, and vocation and the responsibilities of those whom God has created. It also provides a forum for discussion of pedagogical and theoretical issues related to Christian higher education. It invites contributions from Christian scholars of all historic traditions, and from others sympathetic to the task of religiously-informed scholarship, that advance the work of Christian academic communities and enhance mutual understanding with other religious and academic communities. 


The spring issue (49:3) of Christian Scholar's Review has been printed and mailed. The summer issue (49:4) should be mailed by August 1, 2020.

Christian Scholar's Review is searching for a new print editor--contact for details.


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Christian Scholar's Review is an interdisciplinary academic journal that is published quarterly; it has an approximate circulation of 5000. This web page is maintained by Todd Steen, Department of Economics, Hope College, Managing Editor, Christian Scholar's Review, with the assistance of the Hope College Department of Computing and Information Technology.